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Code of Conduct

Our Codes of Conduct for Players and Parents are important to ensure a proper environment for playing and practicing soccer across our travel, intramural, select, and other programs and clinics. If you, your child, or a member of your family are playing for Colonial Soccer Club, the Code of Conduct applies. 

Player's Code of Conduct

It is a privilege to participate in the Colonial Soccer Club (CSC”).

As a CSC player, I pledge the following:

  1. I will play for the fun of the game, not just to please my parents or coach.
  2. I will be modest and generous when I win and gracious when I lose.
  3. I will respect the game of soccer and its laws, learn and follow these laws, and play the game fairly.
  4. I will make every effort to attend practices and games and I will arrive on time.
  5. I will follow coaching direction and will not be disruptive during practice or games; nor will I “mouth off” or use bad language.
  6. I will give my best effort at school and understand that family and schoolwork come first. 
  7. I will show respect for my coaches and give my best effort at all times, concentrate on improving my skills, and work on being a good teammate.  
  8. I will show respect for the authority of the referee; even though I will sometimes disagree with their calls, I will not criticize or otherwise dissent any calls made during the game. 
  9. I will show good sportsmanship before, during, and after games. I understand that soccer is a game and the players on the other team are my opponents, not my enemies.
  10. I will treat all players as I would like to be treated.
  11. I will help my parents and fans understand the laws of the game so they can watch and enjoy the game better. I will be sure they understand that dissent is not permitted.
  12. I will control my temper and not retaliate, even if I believe I have been wronged.
  13. I will not use or possess tobacco, alcohol, or illegal or performance-enhancing drugs.
  14. If I fail to abide by this Code of Conduct, I understand that I may be barred from attending soccer events sponsored by the CSC.

Parents' Code of Conduct

As a member of the Colonial Soccer Club (“CSC”), I understand that membership is a privilege and that my child participates in youth sports. I pledge to conduct myself appropriately and provide a positive influence for my child and their teammates, as follows:

  1. I will encourage good sportsmanship by example. I will provide positive support and feedback for all players, coaches, and referees at every game, practice, or event. I will cheer at games and will be mindful of lopsided matches and the potential impact on opposing teams and fans. I will make youth soccer participation a fun experience.
  2. I will place the emotional and physical well-being of the children first at all times and minimize the pressure of competition. I will remember that the game is for the children and not for the adults. I will do my very best to make soccer a fun, learning experience for my child.
  3. I will not use or possess any alcohol, illegal drug or tobacco products in the vicinity of the fields of play.
  4. If I am not a coach, I will not coach my child or any other player during a game or practice. I will refrain from vocalizing my concerns in front of others and I will address any issues calmly after a game or practice.
  5. I will not referee from the sideline. I will not criticize or question the referees’ calls openly or directly during or after the game. 
  6. I will treat players, coaches, referees and fans with respect at all times.
  7. If I am advised that my child is not treating others with respect, I will counsel my child on their responsibilities and explain that failure to act respectfully or within the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to suspension or expulsion.
  8. If I fail to abide by this Code of Conduct, I understand that I may be barred from attending soccer events sponsored by the CSC, at the sole discretion of the CSC Board of Directors. I agree to hold the CSC Board of Directors or representatives harmless.

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Colonial Soccer Club

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Colonial Soccer Club

PO Box 130 
Blue Bell, Pennsylvania 19422

Email: [email protected]
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